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This is Federation Web site and federation member data and event management application.

Version: 2.0.6897.34025
Builded: 19. Nov, 2018 18:11:10
Language code you use in current session: English (United States)

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Short description

This site is build on Microsoft Technology stack with Microsoft SQL database as backend. More information see Credits page
Federation application can manage all it's members data, including Clubs, Trainers (Coaches), Judges (Adjudicators) and Dancers. For many of these entities relevant subdata is maintained, like licences, accrediatation expiration times, rankings, address and contact information etc. There are simple data reporting available on many of those entities. Also calendar of events with basic information management is provided, for example - competition data management with subdata, like organizer information, addresses, competition lists with rough timing and online registration with data exports and reports.
As Web site itself - it is integratied with Facebook for user authentication and authorization based on this. Web site extracts news from Facebook, as well as is capable of maintaining news, announcements, advertising banners etc.

Change history

  • Added "Education centre"
  • Added "Champions" by year
  • Fix: Broken Facebook galleries handling
  • New: List of Judges / bu Licences
  • Fix: Registration with Club for non-LV couples
  • Fix: Few error message fixes
  • Fix: Person search link changes
  • Change: Registration lists fallback to Transliterated names if non-Western language is used
  • Fix: Non-Latvia couples cannot enter names UPPERCASE
  • Update: Registration data export considers Western language and WDSF requirements
  • New: Video streaming code functionality
  • [Ex]changed registration export file types
  • Fix: Club logo and address access for owners (who asked/has access)
  • Improvements: User management
  • New: Club check for non-linked athletes
  • Fix: Announcement styling
  • Improvements: Registration list sorting enforce
  • Improvements: Stop registration changes after it ends
  • New: Registration exports
  • New: Mass license edit
  • Change: New Competition Group defaults
  • Add: Competition Group correlation key
  • Fix: Duplicate registration check
  • Fix: Login button
  • Fix: Language change on home page
  • New: New person operation
  • Fix: Many registration bugs
  • New: Registration modify (add, remove, delete)
  • Fix: Fixing found bugs