Advertisements and Posters

Please contact federation officials to discuss possibility of placing your posters or advertisements on this site.


Posters are placed in front page rotating image carousel and they should advertise events connected with DanceSport events and information closely related to it or federation itself.

Technical requirements:

  • Picture types: PNG, JPG (jpeg) or GIF
  • Picture proportions: 1:5 (wide image)
  • Picture size (desirable): 970x194 pixels


Advertisements are placed in front page below main information block and on separate page. Main page shows only 4 banners, which are rotated when page is reloaded. Separate page shows all advertisements.
You can negotiate main page show frequency settings.

Technical requirements:

  • Picture types: PNG and GIF only with [desirable] transparency for background
  • Picture maximum size: 260x115 pixels (any size can be smaller)
  • Picture will be placed on background with light gray (RGB: 206, 199, 191) color.